Virgin hair & Remy hair is collected in a method in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew (i.e. holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting), top at top, and ends at ends, to maintain the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-Remy or low quality hair.

Virgin Hair (unprocessed Remy) is the Best and Highest quality hair on the market. Virgin Hair is hair that has not been chemically altered. This hair is sold in their original colors it tends to vary somewhat with each bundle. So you can have fun coloring it your favorite shade. This hair is very expensive and in short supply.

Virgin hair and Remy hair are all cuticle intact donator's hair, the difference is virgin hair is chemical free hair, while the remy hair can be dyed donator's hair. Some of the donator dyed the hair before they donate. Virgin hair can dyed to any color, while remy hair can be dyed to some limited color.

Non-Remy hair is usually collected from hair brushes and hair that has fallen on the floor. It is in greater supply and is therefore much cheaper than Remy Hair. The majority of human hair sold today is non-Remy hair. Because of the method of collection, the cuticle for each hair strand tends to be in all different directions. In order to compensate for this, the hair will go through a process sometimes referred to as an “acid bath”, to completely remove the entire cuticle. This can be equivalent to about ten relaxers in a row.

At first glance the non-Remy hair will appear silky and shiny. After a few shampoos the silicone layer will start to wash off. The hair will slowly become duller, brittle and will tangle and matte very easily.

Our company only sourcing non dyed virgin hair as raw hair material, the color is all natural close to #1b #2

We picked out the dyed donator Remy hair (dyed hair, older age donator's gray hair) this hair is till high quality hair, but the virgin hair is higher-end :)

Hope those info helps you understand different hair level better :)

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QWB work team