How to make order on our website?

1. Login or Create an Account

Having a account on our web site could be helpful improve your shopping experience.

You info can be easily managed (e.g.. order/address/wish list/shopping cart/).

Setp1)Click ‘Account’ on the first page and select ‘My Account’ like screenshot below:

                     Mobile 1                                                                           Computer 1

Setp2)enter your account to login or create a new by clicking ‘Create An Account’ or create account with your Facebook info by clicking ‘Facebook Login’. Check the screenshot below:

                   Mobile 2                                                                           Computer 2


Setp3) After clicking ‘Create An Account’, input your info and password to create a new account like screenshot below:

                     Mobile 3                                                                  Computer 3

Setp4) After login to ‘My Account’ by using a existing account/Createt a new account/Facebook Login. You can add an address to receive your order. Click ‘Address Book’ and use ‘Add New Address’ to input your address. Please make sure your address and your phone number are correct. Check the screenshot below:

                         Mobile 4                                                                         Computer 4

2.  Find your favor products

We are ready to put products in the shopping cart. Choose the product you want then click ‘Add To Cart’ like screenshot below:

                           Mobile 5                                                                       Computer 5

You can click ‘Continue Shopping’ to add more other stuff or make an order by clicking ’Go to shopping cart’ like screenshot below:

                        Mobile 6                                                                     Computer 6

If you already find something you need you and put it into your shopping cart without login with your account, you can login later to make an order later. And your shopping cart will not be emptied.


3.  Confirm your order

By clicking ’Go to shopping cart’ or ‘My Cart’ on the header you will see all products in shopping cart. Double check the length and qty. you can also get a quote on shipping fee or use discount code if available. Make sure everything then click ‘Proceed To Checkout’ like screenshot below:

                          Mobile 7                                                                   Computer 7


4.  Make a payment

Setp1)In the checkout page you can choose address in your address book. Choose shipping method and confirm your order one more time. Please choose ‘Paypal express checkout’ as your payment method. You will be redirect to paypal to pay with your paypal account or using your debit or credit card by clicking ‘Place Order Now’ like screenshot below:

                       Mobile 8                                                                   Computer 8


Setp2)After you see paypal page like screenshot below:

                           Mobile 9                                                                   Computer 9

Login with your paypal account by click ‘Log In’. Or click ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’ if you don’t have paypal account.


Setp3)For customer don’t have paypal account:

After you click ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’, input your payment info like screenshot below:

                     Mobile 10                                                                   Computer 10

You can pay your order by clicking ‘Pay Now’ or you can create a paypal account at the same time by choosing ‘Save my payment info and create a paypal account’ like screenshot below:

Mobile 11                                                                  Computer 11


All process have done and your order will be processed by us ASAP. You can check your order in ‘My Account’ page. If you have any problem send us a email or leave us a message with your contract info, we will get back to you shortly.