There are two different raw hair on hair industry basilly.

1. Donator Hair

2. Floor Hair


Donator Hair

It's easy to understand or imagine what donator hair is like.  Donator Hair is hair cut from different single lady directly with cuticle intact/Neat/Beautiful.  Each bundle donator hair color varies a little and color shade from top #1b to ends #2 naturally. The Cost to collect "donator" hair is high, because hair grow from human scalp take years to grow long enough.

For example:

16'' -- takes 2~3 Years

20'' -- takes 3~4 years 

24'' -- takes 4~5 years


So it's hard to purchase longer length donator hair, even with high budget. Fewer and fewer lady willing to have that longer virgin hair without chemcial styling or dying. Human hair is resource, can't be produced by massive industry production. That's why cuticle intact donator hair is NOT CHEAP at all.

Donator Hair Pictures:

Donator hair after process into bulk hair pictures:

Donator's Hair Made into weft

Floor Hair

Floor Hair also called non-remy hair. Most weave buyer believe they purchased donator virgin hair, actually the 80% hair on the market are floor non remy hair becasue floor hair is SUPER CHEAP and easy to get. For floor non remy hair the main manufacture cost are labor cost, becasue the floor hair is mass & tangle raw hair without cuticle intact and it takes a lots time to make the hair into bundles.


Floor hair original pictures

Floor Hair after processing


There must acid bath for non remy floor hair since it's coarse and easy to tangle. After acid bath hair will be silk without cuticle and not easy to tangle at first few week or month. While donator hair is mostly chemical free process becuase it's originally silk and cuticle intact beautiful as real human hair.

below is donator hair VS after acid bath chemical processed non remy.

(chemical process can make hair super silk as beautiful as virgin hair at first)

Donator hair is long term use, our hair proof to be 1~3 years durable acordding to customer's feedback. While 100% floor hair is around 3 months use and easy to tangle and matting.



Besides 100% donator hair and non remy, there are some middle products, for example, donator hair blend with floor hair products, blend with 10% 20% 30% 40% ... to meet different price requirments.

QWB pursue high quality virgin hair that's why we always looking for 100% real donator's hair as our raw hair to make weft/closure/frontal. 

Any other questions, please leave your comment below, let's discuss and learning from each other.

Thank you!

QWB team.