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Amazing so natural!

I purchased this hair in late March and it is currently late May at the time of this review so
I had this hair about 2 months or a little over. I wore it almost every day for work. I bought the hd closure (few months before) in 20 inch. I bought 3 bundles of the light yaki in 1 bundle in 22 inches, 2 bundles in 20 inches. I also bought the kinky straight hair in 22 inches. The hair came in a great box and with a card guide. I bought the kinky straight because another review said it added fullness. I love thicker hair so if you want thicker hair buy 4 bundles. The kinky straight blended well and added more texture because I sewed the wefts throughout the hair. The hair looks so natural! It came in a brown color like a 2 so I dyed it jet black 1 color with box dye and it came to life! No shedding from the closure but I did not bleach knots and used make up. The lace blends pretty good. It was not the thinnest hd lace but it is still good. The hair looks like relaxed hair! The texture looks like our hair silk pressed and people think it’s mine lol. It’s nice to have straight hair that is not so silky and looks like our hair. This company has out done itself! My favorite thing about this hair besides the texture that it stays bone straight and took the dye so well. So many straight hair doesn’t stay that way and starts to wave but not this. The hair is bone straight! The hair has a little weight so not the lightest hair but it’s not so heavy. The only con is that it sheds a little but not a lot. I recommend to bring a comb to use with it like all straight hair it can bundle a little at the hair but it it never mattes or tangles. Also you may need an extra bundle for longer lengths, and if you want it to be thicker. Overall this hair is bomb! It is amazing! It looks so natural! Thank you Queen weave beauty for everything! This hair is amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it. It stays bone straight, it curls well and holds a style and it looks so natural. Buy this hair if you want a natural straight looking hair that stays straight.

Best 4c hair thus far

I’ve been looking for the right kinky coily hair that matches my 4c hair texture and this is it. Trust me when I said I’ve searched high and lower. Don’t hesitate to order this hair. The price is equivalent to the quality! This hair is medium maintenance/ (not too difficult yet not too easy to take care of) but if you know how to care for kinky coily hair it shouldn’t be a problem. I would suggest finger detangling and using the Doux mous to define the coil. I add a little bit of leave in plus the doux gel and this hair is perfect; curls will last for a week. I’ve also tried the TGIN daily moisturizer on this hair after applying the Doux mousse def and it makes it soft and manageable. 2 bundles is more than enough for a full sew-in with minimal leave out. I ordered inches 18&20. The first picture is the hair in its natural off black color( this is only 1 bundle 18” to be exact )and the second picture I dyed it sandy brown( I have both 18”&20” with longest on the top. The hair takes well with color, it’s colored within minutes without bleach; I used the ion hair color from Sally’s. This hair can get big if you allow it but also can be defined. It sheds but not too excessive; all hair sheds thought. The bundles are double wefted with enough hair on the weft that’s why 2 bundles look full. Ordered confirmed March 18 and I received the hair March 21st.

One of my favs

This is my third time getting this hair This hair is definitely good quality and versatile. Hair is wavy when wet and it gets bone straight and hold a beautiful curl. I have 3 28inches and a 16inch frontal. Get this hair ladies you will not be disappointed 🙌❤️

My Favorite Hair

I have bought this texture with many other companies and none of them compare to this hair. I bought bundles back in 2020 and they are still holding up great. I just recently bought these bundles again because I wanted a different length and the hair is still great quality. I highly recommend buying this hair.

Custom Wig Service
Lola A. (GB)
Light yaki u part

I’ve been looking for a good quality yaki wig for a while and have finally found one. It’s not too coarse but not too silky either. Thank you for your service and for liaising with me to make sure it we got it perfect! It looks so natural and I’m sure I’ll be using it for the next few years.

I love this hair company 🤍

This particular bundle deal was not as usual. It was a little more thin and bridle at the ends which makes it shed a lot more but I sure this is just a 1 out of 100 thing. Everyone of them can’t be perfect lol. I get them often and I never have problems which is why they still deserve a 5 star. Plus as a hair stylist you can make it look how you want it to. 😊 But I really love this hair company

Love it!!!

I love this hair! The construction of the u-part wig was spot on. Wigs are normally big on me. However, being able to customize the size of the wig made me love the hair that much more. The hair takes color well and is very natural looking. I’ve been a customer for a while now and I will continue purchasing. This hair is quality hair and will last!!

The hair was sooo perfect for Microlinks considering my clients wear their hair in it’s natural state

Custom Wig Service
Kimberly J. (US)

I must say. I'm very happy with the turnout of the wig. I've been using queen beauty hair for many years but never used the wig services. Great Job! Thank you for your services and quick turn around with everything going on with COVID.

Would not recommend!

Here is honest experience with this hair. I bought this hair a few weeks ago, I was super excited to receive my hair I even messaged QWB about my excitement. Finally I installed the hair my first wash after installing there was a lot of shedding I ignored it saying it was simply just the co-wash shedding. Few days after as I’m moisturizing the hair and detangling this hair begins to shed huge amounts, everytime I would run my hands through the hair it would shed terribly. It’s even worst using a comb or detangling paddle brush. I communicated this with the sellers and they provided me with useless solutions that cause me to buy brand new products to use on the hair which did absolutely nothing. Even though I kept in contact with them and try to cooperate by providing pictures, videos and basically whatever they asked they would not refund me, I expressed that after paying so much money for 3 bundles of hair I expect the quality to be so much better and align with what was promised. Do not buy from this company! I’m telling you this is the worst quality curly hair I’ve ever had.

Deep wave!

I’ve ordered this pattern many of times throughout the years and it’s never let me down yet. Love me some deep wave!!

Love this hair!

I’ve been rocking Queen Weave Beauty for years. This is the loose wave. 😍

5 stars

Excellent hair and costumer service
Kinky straight hair
18 inches

14 inch light yaki closure

I am not a professional and do not know anything about closures. This was very easy to work with and beginner friendly. Took color very well. Light yaki is my favorite texture. Will purchase again always love the fast shipping with QWB


These are the best extensions I’ve ever had, I strongly recommend them. No shedding, soft and luxurious. Get them

In love with this hair

If you have doubt, go and buy this hair hun! It’s just amazing! Takes color so well! This hair is my go too! You will thank me later! There is no shedding, no tangling and it’s full and you can tell that the quality is amazing! I recommend!

The best !!!!

This hair is great it last for yearssss hunny and you can dye this hair multiple times and it always bounces back. I have been a customer for over 6 years and this is not a paid review I pay with my own money hair is the bomb ! Great investment

Very good quality 💯 I love it

I do not regret having invested my money for what I bought because the quality of the bundles is worth its price 100% Human

buy it

The hair is truly nice, I have straighten a few things but it always bounces back. The hair is full. The hair tangles a bit in the nape area, however that is expected with kinky curly hair. Do not use cream product on the hair, use OIL Products and water on the hair : Olive oil, any oil products really. The hair gets dry often. After the 1.5 year make the hair starts to shed a little bit but it is not anything that causes concern. Despite everything the hair is really good. You will be satisfied with the product. Thank you QWB!!!

It’s the hair for me

Hair is literally everything! The packaging was perfect, bundles were true to length, thick, and so soft! A pretty strong smell when received the hair, but this can be easily taken away with a co-wash.

Side part sew-in with minimal leave out died jet black.

Amazing Quality Hair!!

I’ve been purchasing from QWB since 2014, and have tried many other vendors but nothing can compare to the quality of the hair!! I have tried the deep wave bundles and dyed it many times with no shedding & it still has the amazing curl pattern! Looks very natural. Love love love this hair! Definitely recommend!

Brazilian Deep Wave

Initially I was disappointed, but only because I thought I ordered the Brazilian body wave like I always do. But I’ve been enjoying the deep wave style, it’s easy to maintain, & I’ve gotten tons of compliments. I would definitely recommend this hair.

This hair amazinggggg

I got this hair installed a wee ago from yesterday! The hair is amazing!!!! So many compliments!! It blends perfectly withy natural hair! I WILL DEF BE BUYING AGAIN
i purchased 14 , 14, 14 and man oh man
It was beyond full!!! I will not be buying any other hair!

5x5HD Body wave 22

So perfect in every way 👌

Never lets me down

I’ve been wearing hair from
This company for over 5 years and I’ve never been let down. I love this texture because it’s so full and when pressed out is so pretty.