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Based on 972 reviews
Amazing Quality

Probably the best quality hair I’ve ever worn. Super thick bundles with no shedding. Blends perfectly with my pressed hair.

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I absolutely love this hair!

This hairstyle has given me a new look. I have received so many compliments I became embarrassed. Lol This hair looks sooo real people thinks it is my real hair! It is beautiful! Thank you

Amazing hair! You will not regret!

This hair is absolutely amazing. The texture is beautiful and barely sheds. I cut it into a long bob and I am loving it and received so many compliments. It literally looks like my hair but fuller! I want to try the Afro kinky texture next and will potentially get this texture in longer lengths for summer.

Good bundles, terrible closures and customer service

If you come across any issues don’t bet on genuine customer service. I believe their strategy is to wear you out. I’ve been going back and forth for two weeks via WhatsApp. They have now started gaslighting me telling me that the picture I sent them was a frontal. So disappointing.

High quality and fast shipping!

It's tough trying to find a kinky straight closure that has HD lace but this is so nice! The package came very quickly and the closure has a nice density. The lace really is HD and also has a natural hairline. Really happy with my purchase. 1 picture with flash on (and the lace basically disappears) and flash-off.

Great quality hair

I’ve been a customer with this company since 2012 and they never disappoint! Great quality hair for great prices!

I love this hair!

I got my hair in record time and I love it. It resembles my hair so much that people think it's my natural hair. It is big hair don't care which is my thing. I got a 16/18/20. I have gotten a ton of compliments.

Love it! Nothing but compliments

I love it! My stylist loved it! Everyone I meet loved it! It looks so natural, and it straightens and curls so well to match stretched and silk pressed hair. I have 4B/4C hair and my leave out perfectly blended. For a full sew in, I used 2 1/2 packs.

Best quality hair for a great price!

This hair is so beautiful! No tangles what so ever! All I do is run my fingers through it and my fingers slide right through. Great blend as well!

Amazing quality

This hair is amazing! Took the color really well with minimal shedding! Love it

Wish the density was higher and other options for other textures like Brazilian

The construction of the clippings is amazing, the best I have ever experience, and I have purchased a lots of clippings. The clips really hold onto your hair and doesn’t snap off whenever you come through the brush It. I’ll put it up in a ponytail and it still holds. However, I am very disappointed in the density of the hair. I got two bundles of the light yaki clippings. And it still felt like it wasn’t enough hair. So Im forced to fit both bundles of clippings in my head…..this gave me a headache after a while. And also, I don’t like the fact that there’s only two textures of clippings. I thought my hair would blend perfectly with the Yaki hair. but once my hair is straight and blown out, you can tell it’s two different texture, but that’s because that’s my hair texture. No fault to QWB. It’s OK I’m still happy with my purchase because I had been a long time customer with this company for over five years and I know for a fact that they her last for years so that’s why I’m OK with it for now. I Just hope in the future they offer other textures besides Yaki and options to go up on density!!!!! Please!!

(9 year old review posted, same company different hair/ open for sponsorship!🩷)

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Another Great Purchase!

QWB has the best light yaki for silk pressed type 4 hair that I’ve found anywhere. My first order was for two light yaki bundles, mainly for ponytails and to get an idea of the quality QWB offers. I was so pleased that I came back for clip-ins. I prefer to install mine over a braid pattern, so I ordered 4 sets - 1x 18” & 3x 20” - to be installed as a protective style. Once again, the quality and beautiful texture did not disappoint. I keep running my fingers through the hair because it feels incredible with no tangles. The pieces are well constructed and the clips are sturdy. QWB makes sets of 5 clip ins as opposed to 7-10 like other companies, but the total weight of the hair is about the same at the lengths I bought (just a few grams short). In other words, QWB is packing close to the same amount of hair into 5 pieces that other companies would stretch over 7-10 pieces. This gives me about the same fullness of a 7-10 set, but with fewer clips, leaving my head less crowded by metal clips. I am able to get the look of a flat sew in with significantly less effort. My second order being as fabulous as the first just makes me more confident to continue shopping here. Looking at the curls next! I have attached a photo of the 18” and one of the 20” sets.

Love the volume and the curl pattern! Dyes well!

Love QWB. The shipping was fast when I originally ordered. I thought I needed an extra bundle and did circle back and buy another and it shipped faster than the first time. It took the dye well. LOVE that there was so many detailed instructions. I wish I would have ordered a 16 or 18in closure instead of the 12inch but this was my first time using a closure. The only critique I have of the hair is that it's really dry, I'm not sure if its from dying it. I did a mask on it and have washed it a couple times and it didn't really help but I'm still wearing the hair and plan to purchase more and/or again and hopefully have time to do a proper video review since I didn't order correct lengths. I'm wearing a 12in HD closure, and the bundles are 18, 20 and 24. I ordered the 24 by mistake. If I could go back I'd order a 16 or 18in closure with a 18 and 20 in bundles. You DON'T need 3 bundles with the volume of this hair.

Excellent quality!

I purchased the 5x5 kinky straight closure in 14 inches. I absolutely love it! I requested the “coarse” version of the closure and love that it doesn’t get silky after flat ironing it. The closure dyes very well, has a nice density, and I have not experienced any shedding. Will be purchasing again!

Great match for type 4 with a relaxed look

Nicely made and the density in the front is nice. I would call it coarse yaki from what I rememer of yaki hair back in the day, but this is not an issue. I recently was approached by a young woman who said how long my hair was, so I guess the texture does all the talking. I will be buying closures again with this company. The picture is of the wig almost done, but added it so the texture can be seen. The lace is not glued in the pictures. This type of closure will suit those with a low hairline that don't want to go full lace with all the glue etc.

10/10 for natural girlies

I love this hair so much, the quality is excellent, all I do is sleep with a scarf and silk bonnet on and it does not tangle despite how long it is. I have 18,20,22 inch and it is LONG goes to top of my butt. It is light yaki hair, NOT kinky straight, so I find that its best to straighten my natural hair and leave the weave in its natural state (dont straighten it) because it comes in the texture of a natural silk press and blends best this way. Only con is that it is not that receptive to dye, I attempted to dye it black 4 times, first time water color with creme of natures (didnt work dont recommend), as well as other trials. What FINALLY worked best was the Dark & Lovely hair dye (two boxes) to get rid of that red tint. Buy it.

The texture is unmatched!

First time buying from QWB and I’ve heard great things. Wanted to try out Yaki straight and I’m not disappointed. This looks exactly like relaxed/straightened 4C hair. I wore the wig as a half wig, so I had my edges out. I received a lot of compliments and people thought it was my real hair. Well isn’t it since I bought it?! 😆 I’m defo trying out their Kinky Straight next. Shipping was fast to Norway.

10/10 Beautiful Texture

Beautiful hair, received it right on time! Came with no smell, and super thick wefts. Little to no shedding so far, and its been about a month since I got it installed. Got it professionally installed and my hairdresser loved it. Will definitely be making more purchases in the future.

High expectations

I don't usually get bundles but decided to try this hair in aims of a sew in from a tiktok I saw. That being said I'm not a bundle fanatic but I guess this is pretty good hair though. Other than that I expected it to be a lot "curlier/ kinkier". Just based off of my inspiration tiktok and the reviews and pictures I seen on the site had me thinking this hair would match my hair nicely... I waited a couple days before writing the review, and wearing it down my hair doesn't really blend with it as the bundles are Like tight "waves" and not as curly as I expected it, I even tried to do coils while defining my hair but the would hold at all. most the hair actually is kinda curling but when it comes to blending with my hair its more wavy. the fact that it is like waves makes so it isnt as volumous as I thought the hair would be ( of course it did get bigger as the days went on) also making it difficult for my hair to blend considering mine doesnt lay down but goes up like an afro. Being that there isn't a color option, going off reviews I expected the hair to be like a black when in reality it more of a dark brown making my natural hair stand out even more.

The hair seems like it will be fine when wet but it doesn't really dry how I thought it would... idk maybe I'm bugging and should have went for the coily curly bundles.

One of the pics is my inspiration. The other photo where u can see my nails is my real hair the other two are the bundles.

Great hair!!

The hair blended very well with my hair! I also dyed it jet black!!

Great quality

Been using this hair for over a decade and it has never disappointed me, always sleek and soft and shiny.

Great Hair 3 week review

I waited a few weeks to leave this review to see how the hair held up. This hair is beautiful and perfect for girlies with type 4 hair who dont want to do too much heat in order to blend. After I got my hair done nyc had unusually high humidity for december and even with my leave out not being as straight as it could be, it still blended with the bundles. In 3 weeks i haven't experienced and tangles or shedding at all. I love this hair I'll be using it for a long time then reordering after that for sure. I got 3 bundles of 22inches and used all of them.

Excellen product!

The hair matches my texture and so far, it has held up. I cannot speak on the longevity of the hair but I can attest that it looks good at the moment. It's a great hair match for my 4c girlies.

Beautiful textured hair it’s very thick and natural looking.
I am very obsessed with this hair most likely will buy it again, definitely top quality and I highly recommend.

Not the same as the bundles and sheds a lot

Completely different texture from the bundles, very frizzy and har to define. Also it sheds a lot. I don’t recommend the closure. This picture is after conditioner, water and moose