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What Looks Just Like Your Natural Hair?—QWB U Part Wig

What Looks Just Like Your Natural Hair?—QWB U Part Wig

When we are looking for a natural or protective hairstyle on YouTube/Instagram or Pinterest, U Part Wig is always the top recommendation. What's your impression of this wig and why would like to choose? You may say
- The wig is just so natural and beautiful!
- Good for the beginner
- Looking for a thicker or fuller wig but not familiar with the lace wig
- Lower cost but good quality

What’s the U Part Wig?

U part wig with a u shape at the top of the wig, only bundles sewed in the wig cap without any lace product. The u part area allows you to leave your natural hair out to blend with hair extensions, as well as hairline area which will make it just like your own hair.
The most common type is middle u part wig, but to meet the styling needs of the customers, there are left and right u part wig and various u part space for optional, such as 1.5”x3.5”, 1”X3.5” and 2”x4”.

u part wig specific

Do You Know Why the U Part Wig is So Popular on QWB?

1. Natural Hairstyle and Amazing quality

15~20 mins to create a natural looking, no need to take much money to salon or any plucking to the hairline. Human hair u part wig is top recommendation as the quality hair with its natural color, such as natural brown or black, it will blend wonderfully with your natural hair and the quality wig is always can be used around 2~3 years with proper care. It very suitable for people who are not familiar with lace wig or beginners.

2. No Lace/Glueless to Prevent More Hair Lost

U part wig sewed in with 3 clips on the top area with adjustable straps so that the wig can fit perfectly according client’s head size, the suitable accessories make it comfortable to wear which can prevent hair loss issue. It’s pretty easy to put on or off each time and change different style if you need.

3. Favorable Price and Only 1 Week for Production

QWB is providing a custom wig service with all accessories including wig cap, elastic band, stretchable straps, clips or combs with ONLY $15 custom service fee for around 1 week production. We can do 2/3/4 bundles combination depends on your density preference.

How to Install a U Part Wig

Step 1. Cut the u part area in the middle

Cut the u part area

Step 2. Comb some hair on the top middle of head, braid or tie it like shape U

U Part Wig Guidance-2

Step 3. Put on the wig, adjust with all clips to the right position then adjust the straps to get the best fit on the head

U Part Wig Guidance-3

Step 4. Untie or unbraid to leave the hair out and make a natural hairline to cover the edge of the wig, you can curl or straighten the hair for many occasions

U Part Wig Guidance-4

U Part Wig Guidance-5

The following YouTube videos may give you more inspirations for styling
  • Light Yaki U Part Wig

  • Kinky Curly U Part Wig

What Customers Say About U Part Wig?

U-part wig review-1

U-part wig review-2U-part wig client photos

How to Get Pre-made Wig in 3-4 days?

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Headband Wig

2022 Best Friendly Wig Ever – Headband Wig

What is headband wig:

Headband Wig, is a new trendy wig in 2021, which is made of 100% human virgin hair with an elastic ice silk headband, which is not only soft and comfortable, but also can show your own natural hairline! Anyway, the wig can be adjusted with the Velcro in the back and there are clips to well secured in the place perfectly!


Advantages of the headband wig:

  • No Lace, No Glue
  • Adjustable by Velcro, no care about the head circumference
  • Beginner friendly and Easy & Quick to wear in 3 mins
  • Make different hairstyles in any occasion: Casual: Gym/Daily to work; Fashionable: Party/Dating and so on
  • Easy take off for maintenance and washing
  • Super natural and beautiful looking


How does headband wig work in 3 Mins:

Step 1.  Brush some baby hair to the front (which would be more natural looking);

Step 2.  Place the wig and adjust the position with the Velcro until its secured;

Step 3.  Wear a trendy headband you like;

Step 4.  3 Mins! DONE!!


Pls check out a video below to get more details about headband wigs:

Where can I buy these headband wigs and what texture do we have:

6 Textures: Kinky Curly Tight Curly Water Wave Kinky Straight Light Yaki Straight

Pls check the headband wig collection on this website:



Help & Advice:

Q1.  What is the size for this wig, is it friendly to any head circumference?

A: The wig is average and has an adjustable strap, so it’s friendly to anyone!

Q2.  Can we order other texture that you don’t have?

A: Yes, we have custom wig service on the website, pls contact us for more help before ordering :)

Q3.  Is the original headband removable?

A: No, but you can wear any headband you like to cover it.


Welcome to contact us if you have any questions, or you can leave your comment here and we will get back to you ASAP! :)

Email: export@queen-weave.com

WhatsApp: +86 147 3758 9073

Thank you!

QWB work team

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How to make different textures?

How to make different textures?

How to make different textures

how to make to different textures

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QWB Natural Hair Line Tour

QWB Natural Hair Line Tour

QWB provide two different product line textures currently:

1.Regular textures(Straight, Body wave, Loose wave, Deep wave, Water Wave, Tight curly)

2.Natural textures(Kinky straight, Kinky curly, Coily curly, Light yaki)


Today we would like to share with you our natural hair textures, we have four different hair types, all these 4 textures are very popular among our customers, blend with natural hair very well.

1.Kinky straight

We used to call kinky straight coarse yaki, it’s great for those ladies who are transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. No tangle at all, hold curls very well, You can wear them in natural status or flat ironed or use a wand curler or curling iron for a beautiful versatile look!

Kinky Straight

kinky straight customer show

2.Kinky curly

Kinky curly is like 3C-4A hair, it blend with natural hair very well, when co-wash the hair, recommend cross the hair with finger or wide tooth comb, also recommend to apply some leave-in conditioner/moisturizer or oil (coconut oil, argan oil or olive oil) on the hair to keep the curly pattern and avoid dry issue, this hair also can be DYED very beautifully.

Kinky Culry


kinky curly customer show

3.Coily curly

Coily curly is tighter than kinky curly, around 4B-4C hair type, ONLY with 2 bundles you can create a very FULL look, and highly recommend made into a U part wig, it will be easier to maintain, and same with this texture, finger combing is suggested or use wide tooth comb when you co-wash the hair.

Coily Culry

coily curly customer show

4. Light Yaki

Light Yaki is one type of pattern similar to natural hair after silk pressed, very soft and smooth, also named of yaki straight, can match natural texture perfectly and hold curls well with heat protectant. Mininual shedding and tangle issue with very low maintenance.

Light yaki

light yaki

In the early day, we only have regular texture, but gradually, we extend our hairline and added these four beautiful natural textures, we are dedicated to offering the best quality hair, also would like to give our customer more choices, especially for girls who love and have passion for natural hair!

Please feel free to share your comments below!

Email: export@queen-weave.com

WhatsApp: +86 147 3758 9073


Thank you!
QWB work team



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